Cachetejack are Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul, a Spanish freelance illustration duo with a nomadic lifestyle working together since 2011.

Their illustration universe is full of colors, energy, humour and irony. The hand drawn work of Cachetejack takes a fresh and unique style working in a variety of mediums, including—but not limited to—books, magazines, newspapers, clothing, drawing, painting, walls and illustration.

Cachetejack combines reality with a quirky point of view to create situations and environments closer to the viewer.

Both born in January 1988 but belonging to different zodiac signs and different regions of Spain.Nuria and her Valencia roots and Raquel and her Aragon-Asturias roots mix together to bring to life irrevent and playfulness honouring all their ancestors. 


Clients (Selection)

The New York Times, USA
The New Yorker, USA
Chronicle books, USA
Bloomberg Business Week, USA
Pentagram, UK
Urban outfitters, UK
The telegraph, UK
The Guardian, UK
Dropbox, UK
Hermès, FR
Adidas, UK
Mastercard, ES
Refinery29, USA
Viacom, UK
Vagisil, USA
Giffgaff, UK
Snapchat, USA
Ogilvy, ES
Suez, FR
Shinsegae, KOR
Burger King, USA
Tesco, UK
Netflix, ES
Vogue, ES
Zeit Leo magazin, GR
Zeit Campus magazin, GR
SZ Familie, GR
Elle magazine, FR
Urban outfitters, UK
1973, UK
Resy, USA
La casa encendida, ES
Zeit Campus, GR
Acorns, USA
C40, USA
El Pais, ES
Die Zeit, GR
Kiehls, USA
Freshly, USA
Amstel, ES
Thomas Cook, UK
Oxford university press, UK
Silicon Milkround, UK
Emotion magazin, GR
Helsana magazine, SZ
YoDona magazine, ES
La Causette, FR
Kiblind, FR
Manson, ES
Thinking Mu,ES
Winsor and Newton,UK
Air le mag magazine, FR
European Lab, FR
La maif magazine, FR
Hellow festival, MEX
Pepe Jeans, ES
La Salvetat, FR
La maif magazine, FR
Ministerio de educación, ES
Pull & Bear, EU
Camden Town Brewery, UK
Easyjet magazine, UK
Revue dada, FR
Amaterra, FR
L’agrume, FR
Paripe books, ES
Zahori books, ES
Anorak magazine, UK
Saraiva magazine, BR
Virgin Inflight magazine, AU
Le nouvelle observateur magazine, FR
Atelier des jeunes, SP
.Henkelhiedl, GR
Oslo screen festival, NO
Georges magazine, FR
Wrap magazine, UK
Flamingo magazine,UK
Têtu magazine, FR
Computer arts magazine, UK
Springfield, ES
Poka Poka, PL
Dxi magazine, ES
Print-o-holic, RU
Camden Town,UK
Oxfam Intermón, ES
Don't Panic,PL
Open fundraising,UK
1001 cafe,UK
Olow, FR
Paperole, CND
Ayuntamiento de Valencia,ES
Ayuntamiento de Barcelona,ES
Ayuntamiento de Madrid,ES

Exhibitions (Selection)

“Coronacrisis i cultura: propostes de creadors valencians”Collective exhibition. La Nau 2020 Valencia (Spain)
“Prohibit Fixar Cartells. REA. Cartells valencians 2000-2020”Collective exhibition. CCCC 2020Valencia (Spain)
Individual exhibition. Ò Galeria.2019, Lisbon (PT)
 “Global Illustration Fair” 2019. Collective exhibition. COEX,The Seoul Illustration Fair (South Korea)
“Man made disaster” Collective exhibition organized by Pentagram studio.Protein studios.2019, London (UK)
“70 años de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos” Collective exhibition. La Nau 2018, Valencia (Spain)
“Ocultas e Ilustradas” Collective exhibition. La Nau 2018, Valencia (Spain)
Think twice Pictoplasma Collective exhibition. Neurotitan 2018, Berlin (Germany)
“2017 Illustrating Life” – International Illustration and Contemporary Life III. Beijing, China 2018
“Mixed_Melted, Global Illustration Fair” 2018. Collective exhibition. COEX,The Seoul Illustration Fair (South Korea)
“Think twice “Solo exhibition. Nautilus 2018, Lanzarote (Spain)
“Fucking freedom” 2017. Solo exhibition, Slow galerie. Paris, (France)
“Fucking freedom” 2017. Solo exhibition, Tictail. New York, (USA)
“Running away” 2017. Individual exhibition, Galeria Set .Valencia , (Spain)
“Illustrating life ” 2017. Collective exhibition,Tsinghua University.(China)
“Rooms 29” 2017. Collective exhibition, Refinery. New York, (USA)
“España tierra mia” 2017. Individual exhibition, Bartleby.Valencia , (Spain)
“Cultures day” 2017 Workshop.Valencia city council, (Spain)
“Collage workshop” 2016 La casa encendida, (Spain)
“Asalto Festival” Installation tramways. 2016 Zaragoza, (Spain)
“Cachetejack solo show” 2016. Individual exhibition, Tictail, New York, (USA)
“1+( )-Global Network” 2016 Seoul illustration fair, (South Korea)
“Dialogues” 2016. Individual exhibition, Likneon, London (UK)
“Dialogues” 2016. Exhibition with Caroline Gamon. Central Vapeur, La semencerie, Strasbourg (France)
"La ciudad en viñetas" 2016. Exposición individual, Palacio Cibeles, Centrocentro, Madrid (Spain)
“Paris, France and chocolate” 2016. Collective charity show Sergeant paper, Paris (France)
"Workshop "Amarillo- saltar-indio" 2016. ARCO, Madrid (Spain)
"Beer at Beach" 2016. Collective show Beach Gallery, London (UK)
"Sliding adrenaline", solo show 2015. Slow gallery,Paris (France)
"Pick me up festival" Somerset House, 2015 London (UK)
"Passwrong" Solo show in Salzamt, 2015 Linz (Austria)
"Eye Candy Festival", 2014. Birmingham (UK)
"Fanzines! Festival". Mediatheque Margarite Duras, 2014. Paris (France)
"ELCAF" 2017,2016,2015, 2014 &2013 comics and art festival, Oval space, London (UK)
"Cachetejack here workshop", 2014. Here 2014, It's nice that, The Royal Geographical Society, London (UK)
"Cachetejack tattoo takeover", 2014. Pick me up, Somerset house, London (UK)
"Party and Bullshit"Solo show 2014. Bootsbau gallery, Berlin (Germany)
Cachetejack Parlour Tattoo, 2013. V&A Museum, London (UK)
"Atelier des jeunes", 2013. Collective exhibition. La fresh gallery, Madrid (Spain)
"It is what it is" 2013. Individual exhibition Lomography shop, London (UK)
"Vamos palante sin miedo" Conference about our work. EASD Alcoi, Alicante (Spain)
Just living 2013. Individual exhibition Villa Ruffieux, Sierre (Switzerland)
"Bon voyage" 2012. Individual exhibition Ó Galeria! Oporto (Portugal)
"That's life". 2012 Individual exhibition. AID Berlin (Germany)
"Pick me up " 2012. Somerset House. London (UK)
"Esto es muy random como diría Felipe" 2012 Individual exhibition. Cream Espai Creatiu. Barcelona, (Spain)
"Is art for everybody?" 2012. Individual exhibition. MuVIM. Valencia (Spain)
"Arte joven" 2011.Collective exhibition.Museo Pablo Serran. Zaragoza (Spain)
"Ikas art" 2011. Graphic fair. Collective exhibition. Bilbao (Spain)
"Cachetejack: 4 hands, 1 head" 2011. Individual exhibition. LaMinúscula. Valencia (Spain)

Talks (Selection)

Graphic Days Torino . 2019, Torino (Italy)
OFFF Fest. 2019, Barcelona (Spain)
Pictoplasma. 2018, Berlin (Germany)
Grafic-ho. 2017, Gijón (Spain)
Elcaf . 2017, The AOI, London (United Kingdom)
Kunst University. 2015, Linz (Austria)
Mercado de valores. 2013, Valencia (Spain)
EASD Alcoi. 2013, Alcoy (Spain)

Awards (Selection)

IED Design Awards 2019 Illustration Award, Madrid (Spain)
Valencia Crea 2015. Youth National Illustration Award, (Spain)
Salzamt Artist residence. 2015, Linz (Austria)
Aldes Artist residence. 2014, Porcari (Italy)
Valencia Crea 2013. Youth National Illustration Award (Spain)
Villa ruffieux Artist residency. 2013, Sierre (Switzerland)
Injuve 2012. Youth Spanish Illustration Award, (Spain)
Valencia Crea 2012. Youth National Illustration Award, (Spain)
Arte joven 2011. Second price. Gobierno de Aragón (Spain)

Published in/on: (Selection)


How long does it live? Zahorí books. 2021
. Little people, big dreams. 2021
Marcel le mille-pattes:fruits et légumes . Editions Amaterra, 2020
Marcel le mille-pattes: les émotions. Editions Amaterra, 2020
Cachetejack: un monstruo de dos cabezas. Paripe books, 2019
Reinas de la ilustración en España . Norma editorial, 2019
Un après-midi au musée . L’agrume, 2018
Becoming a successful illustrator . Bloomsbury, 2017
Ink and pen . Editions Pyramyd, 2016
Avanzadoras Oxfam
Design Funny: a graphic designer's guide to humor . How books, 2015
Illustration now 5. TASCHEN, 2014
Behind Illustrations 2. Index Book, 2013
Work / life 3. Uppercase, 2013


Varoom, UK
Computer Arts, UK
Creative Review, UK
dpi magazine, CHI
Wrap magazine, UK
Flamingo magazine, UK


It’s Nice That
Grain Edit
Digital Arts
Computer Arts
Creative Bloq
Ape on the Moon
Lamono magazine
Maki minimag
Creative boom
El mundo
Creative Review

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