Somos familia, SP
Illustrations for “Somos familia” campaing curated by Acc comunicación.

2020 Christmas  to support  economy in an important  circular way: groceries shops, restaurants & bars and costumers!
Spending 10 euros in the supermarket will be able to get a 50 euros check to spend in bars/restaurants or in groceries! As you prefer!! A way of circular economy to support the 2020 special circunstances.

This 2020 Christmas with the proposal of keeping helping people,companies bars/restaurants Cervezas Alhambra, Mahou, Solan de Cabras and San Miguel  brands  have become again “Somos Familia” family to support people, bars and supermarkets economy.

It will be 350.00 euros spread in 7000 thousand tickets of 50 euros each  for 10 weeks to  spend in  food stores, bars &restaurants ! A chain of favors that will become a gift for our consumers and a help for the hospitality and food sector!
Because it’s Christmas! Because we are family!

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