"Une après-midi au musée"
Children book writen and illustrated by Cachetejack
Published by L'Agrume

Cachetejack embarks the young reader for a playful and colorful discovery of the great figures of 20th century art.

Today, Thibaut visits the museum with his uncle Enrico. In the hall, a giant mobile Calder reminds Thibaut that the cradle of his little brother. And this cut-paper painting is like the cuttings he makes at school ... Enrico explains to his nephew that it is a painting by Matisse. Now Thibaut is very eager to pee and he just falls on the toilet, planted in the middle of a room of the museum. But Enrico stops him and explains that it is the work of Marcel Duchamp. Dali, the Fauves, Pollock, Malevitch ... Thibaut discovers some great names in the history of art.